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As a team of professional printing and designing experts of the custom diagrams, we understand all your order details, specifications and artistic references very well. And execute your order according to your demands entirely.

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Incredible Custom CBD Boxes For Your CBD Packaging

CBDBoxLab is a USA-based company for Custom CBD Boxes. We provide top-level custom printed CBD boxes for the packaging of your product. In addition, we also offer other options such as unique styles, designs and different color combinations for your product packaging to make it commendable or attractive for customers.  So, please choose us and grab custom boxes for your CBD products according to your desire.

Thorough details about CBD 

Cannabidiol(CBD) is a natural ingredient taken from cannabis plants. It has to undergo several processes to make it part of products such as oil. This ingredient provides many benefits to humans, such as relief from skin allergies, acne, stress and even heart-related problems.

For these reasons, CBD products make a great hype in the market, and you need attractive or durable packaging for these sensitive CBD products to make them noticeable in the market. So, use these Custom CBD Boxes for your CBD products. 

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Introduction to custom printed CBD boxes 

Start the introduction with these questions: What is a custom box? It’s a box made up of cardboard material used to store and secure products from any external damage. So why is this box called custom? This box is called a custom because different designs and your brands’ logo gets printed on them; that’s why your CBD product grabs a huge audience’s attention. So why has the use of custom boxes increased? Because these custom boxes help in attracting customers to your product.

Every brand needs special packaging for its product. So,  Custom CBD Boxes is the best option for the packaging of your product. In addition, these custom boxes with unique graphic designs attract customers to your products. 

We at CBDBoxLab, offer eco-friendly and best quality material for your custom boxes.  You will get custom printed CBD boxes in any shape, design and style according to your wish. These custom boxes make your product more valuable in the market.

Aim of custom CBD packaging 

You know that no one is without any aim so, Custom CBD Boxes also provide purpose to you people. What is this aim? The primary objective of these custom printed CBD boxes is to attract a vast or target audience to your CBD product and boost your products’ sales in the CBD market. 

This CBD packaging also has another purpose: they protect your CBD products from external damage like temperature, humidity and breakage. In addition, they provide durability to your CBD product.

Why are these Custom CBD Boxes important for your brand?

It is a marketing strategy for the promotion of your brand. When the packaging of your CBD product is alluring, then customers start noticing your product in the shop, among other products in the shop. In addition, these custom boxes give recognition to your brand in the market. 

When your brand awareness increases in the market, obviously, your product’s sales increase; the main aim of these custom printed CBD boxes is to boost your sales in the market. So, choose these CBD boxes from CBDBoxLab and get many benefits for your brand. 

Quality material for custom boxes 

Quality material is our priority, and we never compromise on the quality of the material. We always use durable and sturdy materials for the packaging of your CBD products. CBD products are susceptible; for this reason, they need complete protection from any external damage like temperature. 

If you use the low-quality material custom box for the packaging of your CBD product, it will cause a wrong impression of your brand in the market. So, choose a reputed CBDBoxLAb company for your custom boxes order. 

We use well-built and eco-friendly material for your custom box, and we provide many options in material such as cardboard, kraft, E-flute corrugated and rigid. Choose any one from these according to the requirement and sensitivity of your custom box. 

Eco-friendly material

We use eco-friendly material for these Custom CBD Boxes to make the environment contamination free. You know that the use of plastic packages causes terrible impacts on our environment. For this reason, we use this eco-friendly material for the packaging of your product, such as kraft. 

The wastage of these materials from our efficiently working machines is significantly less and used again to make recyclable boxes for different packaging products. In addition, it is a biodegradable material, and it makes our environment pollution-free.

Customers also prefer this environment-friendly packaging because of its no side effects. Even cardboard material is frequently used for packaging CBD products, and it’s a biodegradable material. We at CBDBoxLab provide the best eco-friendly custom boxes for your products’ packaging. 

Custom CBD Boxes designing 

Choose the design for your custom box according to your choice. But, of course, the creation of custom boxes is always according to your products and brand. Moreover, we offer other options to make your custom CBD box appealing in customers’ eyes. 

We offer other features for your custom CBD printed boxes such as embossing, debossing, foiling and coatings to make them commendable. What type of coatings do we provide? We provide different finishings such as gloss lamination, matt lamination, spot UV, gloss UV and matt UV for your custom printed CBD boxes. 

The main aim of these coatings, at last, is to provide a shiny and luxurious look to your Custom CBD Boxes. 

Window option in CBD box designing 

This feature makes your boxes incredible in design. Why this feature? Because the customer can see your product through this window easily. PVC frosted vinyl sheet makes these windows on the Custom CBD Box. It makes your product more attractive in the customer’s eyes. 

Elegant opening styles

We provide a category of styles for your Custom CBD Boxes and choose these styles according to the specifications of your product. There are many options such as tuck end, sleeve, gable and display, so choose any elegant opening style for your custom box according to your wish. 

We turned your imaginary or visual style of the box into reality with the help of our efficiently working staff and machines. If you want a new type of style for your custom box, then with the help of our team professional, you can create a unique style of your custom CBD packaging. 

Printing of logo on CBD boxes

When your brand’s logo gets printed on these custom boxes, this feature provides recognition to your brand in the market.  The addition of a brands’ symbol on the packaging of your product makes it more authentic in the market, and people start recognizing your brand and this custom box works as an advertising tool for your brand. 

Printing services by CBDBoxLab

We offer different printing services such as offset, digital and screen printing. Our machines work efficiently, and your order gets ready within a week. The most usable printing is offset. It consists of heavy machinery, and your bulk order gets prepared on time.

We use different color schemes such as CMYK and PMS. CMYK is a four-color scheme.  We use both strategies to make your Custom CBD Boxes fascinating for your target audience. We also maintain the originality of your custom box with our best printing services.

The designs and color combinations we print on your custom box are the same as you have selected for your CBD box printing. So, don’t worry about this and freely choose everything according to your choice.  We prepare your custom printed CBD boxes according to your wishes and needs. 

Wholesale Custom CBD Boxes 

For wholesale custom printed CBD boxes, our company provides many budgets to you. When you buy CBD boxes in bulk order, you will get many benefits, but you will have to spend extra money if you buy them in a particular form. 

So try to get benefits and book your custom boxes in bulk quantity. Then, when you become our loyal client, you will get many discount offers on these Wholesale Custom CBD Boxes. 

Effects of these custom box packaging  

These custom printed CBD boxes cause beneficial effects on your products sales. The attractive packaging of CBD boxes grabs the attention of a massive audience to your CBD product. These custom boxes work as an advertisement tool, so it’s a cheap way to make your product recognized in the market. 

You do not need to spend extra money on the advertisement of your CBD product. On the contrary, many brands get satisfaction after using these Custom CBD Boxes from CBDBoxLab. Moreover, these custom boxes improve their products’ sales in the market. 

CBDBoxLab features

Here I will tell you the features of our company which are as follows:



  • Give modernity to your brand

Our Custom CBD Boxes provide security and durability to your product packaging and provide class and modernity to your packaging. Customers get attracted to your CBD product because of this commendable packaging. 

The material and every feature we used to make your custom boxes are of the best quality. Your brand will shine in the CBD market just because of our packaging. 



  • Provide proofs before printing of order

At customers’ request, we provide proofs before starting the order of Custom CBD Boxes. We did this for the satisfaction of our clients. The guarantees about custom box design include flat view, 3D mockup and physical sampling. 



  • Cost-efficient packaging

We understand many brands cannot afford the prices of Custom CBD Boxes for the packaging of their product. For this reason, we provide flexible rates for the packaging of your products. Our pricing rates are affordable compared to the competitive companies in the market. Moreover, custom box order starts from 100 boxes at CBDBoxLab. 

We even offer other features such as free custom designing and even no die or plate charges. We always take care of our customers, becoming our loyal customers. When they become our regular customers, we also offer them discounts if they order custom boxes in bulk quantities. 



  • Shipment policies

Our shipment is free, and we even take 6-7 days to deliver your order. But if you need custom boxes urgently, you will have to pay extra charges according to the requirements. You can contact our team online for your queries.



  • Our team

The team working at CBDBoxLab is very cooperative, and they solve all your queries within a time. Furthermore, they will guide appropriately in an outstanding manner about every detail of these Custom CBD Boxes. 

Our staff is efficient, and they know how to work in the company or make it better in the market. They know how to beat competitors in the market by working efficiently. So, they always help clients if they face any difficulty during the booking order process. 

If you feel any queries in the design selection, you can consult with our graphic designer and get the best advice about designing for CBD Box. We make your Custom CBD Boxes attractive or commendable. 


What our buyers say

I ran short of the boxes and approached CBD Box Lab as my previous vendor had bailed out on me. I wasn't very optimistic owing to my tight deadline but they actually managed to deliver the order within time and the quality of the boxes was immaculate. I have worked with them on 3 different projects since then and they respect my deadlines every time. Safe to say, I look up to them as my permanent packaging partners for my future projects as well.

Tony Spencer
Tony Spencer

The amazing design support provided to me was what sealed the deal for me. I was surprised to know that free design support is part of the complete package offered to the clients, also the shipping charges are included in the price quote as well which helped me cut down on costs.

Matthew Mirchaud
Matthew Mirchaud

Out of all the packaging companies I had contacted, CBD Box Lab offered the most affordable and realistic prices. Although, I was a little skeptical about the quality at first but all my concerns faded away as the quality turned out to be spot on. Moreover, I was able to get even better pricing for the reorder. Best value for money I must say.

Hannah Boris
Hannah Boris

I was having a hard time finding custom boxes for my product bottles just when I approached CBD Box Lab for a quote and they sorted this issue brilliantly. They not only suggested me a suitable box style for my product but also designed the graphics for me from scratch. Their splendid customer service is one of the reasons why I'll be sticking with this company for a long time.

Amanda Stevenson
Amanda Stevenson
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