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The medical industry is in a consistent demand for different medications and medical types of equipment. CBDboxlab provides the most trustable CBD pharma boxes to keep all of your medications safe and sound. 

Many of the medical instruments will also be looked after in a better and safer way by using our quality pharma boxes. Yes we know, you are curious and worried also to trust, we can totally understand your situation, that’s a common thing. 

We will try our best to explore all of our working aspects to make you realize that our packaging solutions are trustworthy and can help your businesses to get rapid growth.


Whenever we need any packaging solution, the material is one of the core aspects of this process. You need to realize that good quality material can give life and meaning to your packaging. 

Don’t you think getting bright and strong boxes with premium printing will be far better than dull and faded colors containing custom CBD pharma packaging?  

At CBDboxlab, we take pride in using the finest materials for our CBD pharma boxes and that’s also the central cause behind our this much recognition in the medical industry. We offer a variety of materials, including:

Eco-Friendly Cardboard: Environmentally responsible packaging materials will always keep your medications safe from all of the environmental factors. If we talk about medical types of equipment, they will surely be affected by environmental changes if they are not safely packed. That’s why CBD pharma boxes packaging is compulsory to provide safety to your CBD pharma products.      

Durable Cardstock: For added protection, durability, and an upscale look that enhances your brand’s image and will let you win the customer’s interest. Durability in packaging plays a key role in winning people’s interest. 

Customizable Inserts: We provide customizable inserts to securely hold your CBD products in place because sometimes the customers complain that they couldn’t find the products in an organized way while unboxing. We made it perfect for ensuring they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


Your brand’s identity is crucial, a responsibility for us and our printing options reflect that commitment in every inch.  We offer various printing methods to make your CBD Pharma Boxes stand out in the market as compared to the rest of the competitors. 

  • Full-Color Printing: Eye-catching designs that leave a lasting impression on your customers and make them feel satisfactory to go for your products. We always choose the most suitable coloring schemes after a deep market analysis to give tough competition to your competitors. 
  • Embossing and Debossing: Add texture and elegance to your packaging for a premium look and feel with any of these printing techniques. Embossing will make your printing look a bit raised from the surface while in debossing it will look a bit inside the surface.    
  • Foil Stamping: Incorporate metallic accents to highlight key elements of your packaging and to give it a royal look, which is important to give your product a luxury look. You can have any of the following foil stamping forms according to your business and packaging needs: 
  • Vertical Foil Stamping
  • Flat Foil Stamping 
  • Vertical Foil Stamping 
  • Prephral Foil Stamping 


CBDboxlab offers numerous benefits for choosing our CBD Pharma Boxes. You can also get a better idea of all the positive aspects of our packaging which we were talking about. Have a look!  

  • Brand Differentiation: Custom designs and high-quality materials help your products stand out in a competitive market and that’s vital for all of you to know that a brand only can be called a brand when it makes a difference. 

That’s why our experts always prefer to go out of the box to dig up something new and unique for your CBD pharma boxes wholesale.  

  • Product Protection: Our sturdy packaging keeps your CBD products safe and secure during shipping. That’s the basic need of all the CBD pharma businesses. We know pharma products contain syrups in glass bottles and other instruments and only sturdy packaging can make them safe and sound.  
  • Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly materials and practices, contributing to a greener environment for all of our customers to make them feel satisfied. Stability comes with sturdy and premium quality materials. 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your packaging needs without even disturbing your total budget.


Every single brand has its own type of business and they want to present their products in a better way. For this purpose, they prefer to adopt unique packaging like printed CBD pharma boxes along with having the capability of customizing all of the following aspects of your business.

Size and Shape: Tailor your boxes to fit the specific dimensions of your CBD products and give them a perfect look to stand out from the competition.

Color Schemes: Choose from an array of colors to match your brand’s identity because all of the brands have different business themes and that’s why they need perfect coloring combinations to match their standards.

Text and Messaging: Share essential product information and captivating messages with your customers which will make it easier for them to understand the benefits of buying that product.

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Yes, we offer spot UV coating for custom pharma boxes to make them alluring and attractive.

We offer additional style features such as cut-out windows, gold/silver foiling, embossing, debossing, etc.

Yes, we use raised ink for custom CBD pharma boxes.

Yes, we provide biodegradable pharma boxes which cause no pollution in the environment.

Yes, we provide urgent delivery of custom pharma boxes at specific rates.