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CBD Box Lab – Terms And Conditions For The Use Of Our Services And Products

Terms And Services

We advise our customers to read the terms and conditions of a company carefully. We have the right to alter the information and details anytime without informing anyone. To remain updated with the latest details, visit this page from time to time. If you are using this website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.

Consumer Conduct On The Website

We are not responsible for the content that is posted by the visitors. And we are not responsible for the results that such content could produce. If you find any content that is offensive and wrong, you can report that content to us. And we will undertake action according to the rules. Visitors are solely responsible for the content and material that they are posting.

You agree that the material you are providing is not offensive, objectionable or unethical in any way.

You agree that you are providing correct information regarding the placement of orders and the delivery of products. The company will take legal action against the one who misuses the website.

You are showing that you are of legal age by placing an order, and you will be able to present yourself in judicial activities if needed. You have the complete freedom to place the order of your products on the website.

You agree that you have understood every point mentioned on the privacy policy page. You know that the company can use your personal information in the way mentioned on the privacy policy page.

Limitations Of Liabilities

In any situation, we are not obliged to expand our liability beyond the amount that customers paid for our products.

In no condition, the employees, directors, vendors, agents, affiliates and sellers are liable for any loss or misuse of data of the profits.
In no condition, the company is responsible for the appropriate or unethical use of the data or content available on the websites. The company is not liable for the damages caused by misuse or mishandling of data.

Copyright Notice

All the material and the data mentioned on this website are the property of the company.
The duplication, alteration, or utilisation of the material or the content (without taking the legal permission) is prohibited. All the data and material of the website is solely under the ownership of the company.

Payment, Order Placement, Cancellation Of Orders

If customers want us to start working on their project, note that customers must pay the payment first. Keep in mind that all the prices mentioned on the website are in US dollars. Customers should send the total amount payable by the secure payment method to the company. Once we get the amount, we will immediately start working on your project.
The orders cannot be cancelled if the reason for the delay in printing or designing is beyond the control of the company.
Once you fill the hard copy and soft copy of the form that includes details and specifications regarding our order, we will confirm the order and start working on it. You cannot request any change once your projects are customised boxes sent into the press.
You can cancel your order in a limited time. Money will be returned with the deduction. The policies for the detection of the payments are,
• 20% reduction in the total amount of the order is cancelled after 4 hours
• 50% reduction of the total amount of the cancellation of order is after 24 hours
When you cancel the order, the resources get wasted. So we have to compensate the resources by deducting a specific amount from the total payment.

Return and Refunds

If you find any problem, damage or faults in your order, or if anything is not according to the details and specifications that you have mentioned on the form, you must inform us within two business days. We will represent the order if there is a fault in printing. Keep in mind that the company will not refund the payment. If you want to get your order reprinted, you must inform us within the ancient time frame.

Our skilled and professional printing experts check the orders several times for authentication and confirmation. If you want to reprint the orders or you have found your order is damaged or faulty. You have to send us the image of the damaged products at your expense within seven business days.
Our professional staff deliver the order in the promised time frame. But if you want urgent delivery of your, then extra charges will be applied. Note that these charges are non-refundable.

Colour Accuracy and Proofs

Note that there is a restriction and limitation of digital print and actual print done with the ink. So we are not responsible for any distortion in shades of colours that may occur. In case of search alteration in colours, we are not responsible for reprinting the order. Because it is not under our control. It is the limitation of the system.

Screenprint shows the exact design appearance, proportion of the whole artwork, placement of the graphic elements, style of the typography and design as a whole. But the colours and the density can be different. Screenprint does not show the exact colour shades. So when customers are ordering customised boxes, they should keep this limitation in their mind. It will help the customers to select the right shade of colours.

Although limitations are there, the company tries to match the colour tones and shades as close to the digital one as possible. There are always exceptions. If you are getting laminations for your boxes, it may affect the colours, shades and tones. There can be a difference in the colour shades on the digital screen and the final print. The company is not responsible for the colour shades of the laminated boxes.

Customers can get hard proof for colour accuracy if they want. Note that there will be extra charges for the hard-proof of the boxes.

Customers can place the order by filling the digital form that includes the details and specifications regarding the order, payment methods and shipment addresses. Once the customers approve the sheet, the order will be placed. This sheet also contains the final artwork and the details of the services that customers need from us. Customer care advice to fill this sheet carefully and double-check every specification and detail that they are providing. They also have to mention the turnaround time that they expect. You always carry out work on the project according to your specifications and preferences. So you should double-check every detail for the confirmation of your order.

No Liability For These Errors

We advise customers to make sure every detail and artwork that they are providing is correct. In case of any mistake, we are not responsible. These mistakes include,
• Crack in folds or die lines, Cropping marks
• Mistakes in graphic placements
• Flaws in spelling of texts, fonts, and grammar
• The changing in the size of the box
• Overprinting

Any mistake that falls under the categories mentioned above is not under the responsibility of the company.

Content Provided By Customer

If the company finds any order that seems to be unethical, unlawful, offensive or indecent to any third party, the company has the right to decline that order. Customers are solely responsible for the material that they are providing for the printing of their boxes.

Customers are wholly responsible for the text, images, designs and combinations that they are providing. They are responsible for what they are getting printed on the packaging boxes.
The company is not responsible for any of the content that is provided by the customers.

We advise that the specification that customers provide should be in CMYK format with a minimum resolution of 300PI. Otherwise, the colour Shades and tones will be not up to your expectation, or they can get blurred. We are not responsible for the results of the colour shades on the packaging boxes.

The company has a right to disclose the content or preserve the content under these scenarios,
• In any conflicts with other clients
• To implement terms of services
• In legal processes and necessary judicial activities
• To protect the rights of the company, its users and the public
To protect the security or property of the company.

Overruns And Under-Runs

As a professional and skilled printing company, we advise the customers to order 10% more items of the actual quantity that their brands need. There is always a chance of underruns and overruns due to mishaps or mishandling during the shipment.
The company always make sure to deliver the exact quantity of the products that you have mentioned. But in case of any mishap, you will not get a shortage of packaging products if you order more boxes than you need.

Manufacturing, Shipping And Delivery Of Orders

We are professional and skilled enough to provide you with the best packaging boxes and deliver them safely to your mentioned addresses. After placing the order, the company will tell you the estimated time frame to get your order. Keep in mind that your boxes will be delivered flatly and pre-assembled.

If any of our customers need their order urgently, then they should let us know prior. It will cost extra for the urgent shipment. The additional charges will be depending on the nature and quantity of the boxes.

The company will bear the delivery and shipment charges, and customers have to pay just for the final product. Hence there is no fee for the shipment.

If there is any delay in the shipment of your product due to,
• Bad weather conditions
• The unprofessional and flawed attitude of shipment companies
• Custom duty problems
• Any technical issues
Or any other problem that is not under our control, the company is not responsible for that.

Overseas or International customers have to pay the customs duty or other shipman related fields of the product themselves.


The company is at your service 24/7 the whole year. It observes off only on the following days.
• Good Friday
• Labor Day
• National Patriots’ Day
• New Year’s Day and Day after New Year’s Day
• Easter Monday
• Christmas
• Thanksgiving

Printing Techniques

Our skilled and professional experts are experienced enough to provide you with the best designing and printing of customised boxes. Companies have the right to execute any printing techniques that they find amusing. We are well aware of the latest shift in printing trends. And we are excited to apply these practices to provide you with the best packaging boxes.

Usage Of Material

All the materials the company uses are biodegradable, ecologically friendly, non-toxic, harmless and environmentally safe. We have a wide range of paper materials that we utilised for the manufacturing of the custom boxes. Although, we do not use cardstock paper. If you want to get your customised packaging boxes manufactured from cardstock paper, you must inform us before confirming the order.

Upgradation Of Website And Terms Of Conditions

Our technical staff is always at work to enhance the user experience of the website. To protect the rights of the company, the visitors of the website and the customers, we upgrade the terms and conditions of the company.
Once we upgrade the terms and conditions of the website, you will be automatically agreeing to the new ones rather than the older ones. We advise you to visit this page regularly if you want to remain updated about the changes on this page. Companies have the right to change their terms and conditions anytime without informing anyone.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, questions, suggestions or comments to make, you can get connected to us via Email or customer care contact numbers. Our chat support is 24/7 available for the customers if they need assistance. Visit our contact us page to know the further details.


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