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CBD Food Boxes Tailored for Success

CBD food boxes not only provide protection but also add some extra charm and glamour to your product. CBDboxlab is an expert in making these custom CBD food boxes in numerous varieties. 

CBD is getting wider very fast and has built a strong image in the market. All of us are very familiar that food contains different ingredients that are more sensitive as compared to the rest of the foods. 

Our food boxes got a different vibe because of the purity and originality in their manufacturing. Because of our experience, we are familiar with all of the facts and figures that can help you in achieving your goals.    

Materials for CBD Food Boxes

Let’s talk about materials! All of the business people will be familiar with the importance of quality materials. Premium quality materials are always important to seek people’s attention where you may find recognition which you are looking for.    

We have different materials available, you can choose any of them according to your choice and affordability. Do you know why we always suggest going for premium quality materials? Because they will let you get royal class finishing at the end. CBDboxlab got: 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Paperboard 

These are not the only ones we have, if you have any need of another material we can get that for you too. There will be further variations in all of this material like high quality and low quality. So you can have any of them according to your budget availability.     

Sustainable Packaging

As we have mentioned above sustainability belongs to your material’s quality along with eco-friendly elements. You just need to make sure that after lamination these boxes will not be called eco-friendly anymore. 

Because of the plastic sheet which we will be pasted on them to give them protection from water and rest of the damaging factors. CBD food box packaging is more favorable to crafty cardboard boxes because that’s the one that can make them look more premium even if we talk about printing or sustainability. You can choose certain styles that are designed to be more stable like seal end auto bottom which will keep your product safe. 

Sustainable packaging of your CBD food boxes will keep your product safe while shipping or you can say while having it on your shop shelves.     

Add-Ons and Customization

Through add-ons and customization, you can make your packaging more secure and meaningful. There are different ways of customization so you need to make sure that everything should be according to your business needs. 

That’s a fact when all of the steps ofn manufacturing of these boxes are perfectly performed then you can expect something more than you deserve because of the perfection you will have at the end.  

  • Custom Printing

What you can represent without having professional printing on your packaging boxes which will represent your brand. Whenever we talk about custom boxes, the printing will always be there to let you have your brand’s name, logo, and the rest of the coloring models according to your business themes. We use all of the following printing techniques: 

  • Offset Lithography
  • Digital Printing  
  • Screen Printing 

We have this vast variety of printing so you can have any of your favorite printing on your CBD food boxes wholesale according to your affordability and preference. 

Die-Cut Windows

As we have mentioned at CBDboxlabs you are totally free to go out of the box and according to our experience in the current highly competitive time, only going out of the box can help you to grow.  

Die cut windows can make your CBD food boxes packaging more interesting for the customers. Now they can have a look at their CBD products and will feel good. We will simply apply the PVC sheet on one side of your boxes which will make the products visible to your customers. 

Have you seen majority of the businesses are using these windows to make their products look more engaging and to build more trust among their customers?  You can also use them to adopt this modern trend and to let your customers have a direct look at your product.  

Embossing and Foiling

Manufacturing well-organized printed CBD food boxes is not the only thing, we need to give them some extra charm and luxuriousness to make sure that they are meeting your business criteria or not.   

Your brand name or the coloring pattern will be a bit up from their surface which will give a very classy look to your packaging which you are looking for. Most importantly embossing and foiling will give a super luxurious touch and feel. 

Now you might be getting all of the loopholes where you can simply make your CBD food boxes look more modern to seek more customers ultimately. We have different varieties to make the process more interesting.

  • Metallic Foils
  • Matte
  • glossy finishes

We hope all of these aspects will be good enough to make you realize that it isn’t a word’s play. We have the real talent to be your only trusted packaging partner. 

There are many other facilities which you can have by availing the services of our experts who are 24/7 available at your services. Call us today and let’s make your CBD food look entirely different and safe by using our trendy CBD food boxes.


Yes, we can provide samples of custom food boxes before final printing on your demand.

No, we do not charge any amount for die and plates.

Yes, we provide free custom designs for custom CBD boxes.

The gloss lamination will give your custom CBD food container a shiny surface, while matte finishing will provide a smooth surface.

It depends on your choice; you can choose any material because both are biodegradable and enough to protect food from damage.