Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy At CBD Box Lab

To ensure the complete protection and privacy of the customers, we follow strict rules and regulations. The data which we are getting from the customers will benefit customers themselves. We guarantee that their data will not get leaked or hacked in any circumstances. And we do not share or transfer the data with any third party as well.
The date of the customers helps the company to ship their products to the exact shipment address. Plus, it is easier for the company to contact the customers and future regarding the review of the product or to update them about the additional services that we will provide.
In any law-related activities or judicial proceedings, we have the right to reveal the information. It is necessary to ensure the rights of the company and off of its visitors as well.

Collection and Usage of Customers’ Information At CBD Box Lab

If you are visiting the website, keep in mind that the company collects your data while you visit the website. These are the basic information of the users like IP address of the visitor, date and time, browser details, cookie information, number of clicks etc. This data is kept secure in a log file.
However, we do not collect the email addresses of the visitors.

If customers order our products or services, they have to provide sensitive information like their name, address, contact number, Email addresses, and other information like the account details, account numbers, credit and debit card details etc. All of these details are necessary for the secure payment and shipment of orders. So company have these details of every customer. This information is voluntarily provided by them.

We ensure that your data will not be provided or transferred to any third party. It will not be shared or leaked.

You agree that this data can be used for marketing and promotion purposes so that you can get updates about the promotional events for any new services or products that would be launch by the company. This data is also helpful to gather reviews and feedback from the customers so that the company enhance its services in future.

If you are visiting the website, you agree that this data And information can be shared by the banking sector, other shipment companies or any other related service providers.

You have complete control over the information that you are voluntarily providing. This information will help us to provide you with the best user experience. If you don’t want to get notifications and updates from us, you can unsubscribe from us.

Changes in Privacy Policy

If the customers want to remain updated, they should visit this privacy policy page from time to time as the company have the right to change any information at any time it wants. We are continuously working to make the consumer experience better. Therefore we can change or upgrade the policies when we feel the need to do so. It will benefit the visitor and the customer of our company. Customers will feel more secure in navigating the website.

We ensure that the data we are getting from the customer will be used following the details mentioned on the privacy policy page. In future, if the company decides to change the details and use the data for any other purpose, the company will inform the customer. They are free to allow or decline us for using their data in that manner.

The Use of Cookies

Cookies are programmable sets that our company stores in the computers or devices of the website visitors. It enhances the user experience. The company will use the provided information according to the mentioned purposes on the privacy policy page. These cookies help the company to individualize you and provide you with the best user experience. Users have complete control over the function, and if they want to disable this function from their devices, they can freely disable the cookies in their browser settings.

Business Transition

If the company goes through a business transition like the company got merged, bankrupt, or being sold to, the company may or may not share the information of the customers.


The website uses the latest security tools to secure the customer’s data completely. They enhance the user experience. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection to keep the authorised access away from the websites or secure the data. Its security encrypts the data and prevents any harmful access away. The data is saved in a log file that is only accessible from our offices. These preventive measures provide an extra layer of security to the shared data. But it is also a fact that the information on the internet is not completely secure. Therefore we are not responsible for any information that is shared over the internet.
It is the responsibility of customers if they are sharing their data on the internet.


The website of CBD Box Lab may contain some external links. The company is not responsible for its content, policies and practices. Therefore it is solely the responsibility of the visitor or the customer to visit the privacy policies or statements of these websites separately on their own. All of the privacy policies are solely for the CBD Box Lab.

If you have any queries, questions, comments or suggestions, you can visit the Contact Us page to let us know.