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You can sketch your personal CBD packaging right here with our expert guidance. Here you can get many customization options to have all your packaging according to your requirements.

We have the perfect way for custom packaging order placement. You can contact us via email or via an online support service to communicate in the right way.

Adding specific features to the wrapping boxes is the second name of packaging customization. Via these custom boxes packaging, you can ship your CBD products anywhere. Our designers use modern packaging techniques to fit the item inside well.

Yes, we tend to print in-sides of the packaging covers to boost beauty to your package. It is very vital for your brand. We can add every essential feature in your CBD boxes with gorgeous color schemes, promotional ads, texts, and an entire product presentation.

Our company has a wide range of durable and eco-friendly packaging material options for CBD packaging boxes. Some main packaging materials are here:

  1. Kraft boxes
  2. Corrugated boxes
  3. Cardboard boxes
  4. Rigid packaging boxes and many others.

Yes, we provide custom design services for CBD box packaging on special demand.

We have different cost-effective custom boxes designing fee packages depending on the types of package designing. Our expert designers make alluring and fantastic custom packaging designs for your products.

You have to contact our customer support via call, live chat, or email for booking your packaging orders at CBDBoxLab. You can ask anything regarding your order.

Our minimum CBD packaging order is just 100 boxes.

If you need eco-friendly packaging for your products, you can choose Kraft material because it is entirely biodegradable. However, you can select other types of packaging material too.

Both packaging material boxes have their own value. Kraft boxes are biodegradable and nature-saving, and corrugated boxes are the best choices for sensitive and expensive products shipment processes.

We have no charges for shipping in the USA. However, if you need your order urgently, it will cost extra for the urgent delivery, depending on the packaging boxes’ type and quantity.

You can visit our website for packaging boxes deals we offer randomly to brands. For more information, you can chat with our customer support representatives.

To know our company’s payment method, you can contact our client support team via email, call or live chat.

Yes, you can ask for a quote on CBDBoxLab via filling the quotation form to get your packaging order instantly.

Yes, you can order the same packaging box with different specifications having different charges.

All of this depends on the client’s demands and product specifications. Though, If you need eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging, you can choose Kraft material. If your product is fragile and sensitive, you can choose corrugated material for packaging to deliver your products safely.

You can ask our customer support representative about our delivery method. They will satisfy you by answering your questions. 

You can get information from our representatives concerning packaging customization. You can choose packaging by materials, styles, dimensions, shapes, design, printing techniques, and coating options.

CBDBoxlab specialists will assist you in designing your packaging boxes.

Our company doesn’t have any type of extra or hidden charges. You have to pay just for what you are getting.

Our professionals check the orders comprehensively for authentication. Though, if your order is faulty or damaged, you can send us faulty products’ images within seven business days to reprint your packaging boxes at your expense.

Once you fill the online order form with your requirements regarding your order, we will confirm the packaging order and start working on it. We don’t accept any request of changing order once your custom boxes are sent to our packaging printing section.

We offer a vast range of custom box styles in different varieties you can choose by visiting our website. If you need any special packaging style, you can discuss this matter with our customer support team via online chat or email to get the right solution to your packaging.

Yes, we have different design templates for packaging. You can choose the ones you like for your products.

If there is any delay in your packaging delivery due to:

  • Bad weather conditions.
  • Custom duty issues.
  • Any type of technical problems.
  • The unprofessional behavior of shipping firms.

Or any other type of issue that is not in our company’s control. We will not be responsible for shipment delays.


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