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Custom Hemp Boxes – Crafting Green Solutions with Style

What do you expect from your packaging supplier? That’s a very common question. We hope all of you will be familiar with that and hope to give the standard services along with an exactly desirable packaging solution will be the most resembled answer. CBD box lab is all about quality and standards.

The hemp industry is getting wider very fast and all businesses need proper professional hemp box solutions because that’s the only point where they can take the edge. If you are also worried about launching your brand or want to make it successful, no worries anymore, we have you covered.

Let’s explore why CBDboxlab should be your first choice and how we are different from the rest of the competitors in the market.

Eco-Wonders: Unveiling Hemp Packaging’s Magic

Every packaging expert has some specialties and what if you find any of them providing the entire packaging services with the rest of the assistance too? Interesting right? Yeah, it will be a Waooo! For all of you, no one wants to wonder about the different platforms for different things.

Durability Beyond Imagination

We always suggest to all of the hemp businesses to go for the best quality material to get their desired hemp shipping boxes to keep their products safe and pure.

Whenever we talk about durability a good quality material will be at the top of the list. Ok don’t be confused about material selection, let’s make it simple for you.

Hemp Packaging Materials

Have a look at the following table for a better understanding!

Materials  Best For 
  • Cardboard 

Smooth touch, easy to resize and print

Concentrates, Hemp Products
  • Rigid

Can’t bend, has the best finishing, and gives a luxurious touch

Lotions, Hemp Products, CBD oils
  • Corrugated 

Can order from A-flute to E-flute

In Hemp products as pre-rolls, for CBD wrapping too
  • Kraft

Can have any of the required one

Hemp tinctures

Our experts will offer you all of the available materials and further varieties of these materials to make the best deal according to your budget and purposes.

But we will always suggest you go for the best one because that’s the only point to make a noticeable difference. It’s obvious that there are hundreds of hemp-selling brands out there and almost all of them provide good quality products then nothing is there to compete except packaging.

Premium Quality Printing 

Nothing will be called complete without printing in the entire manufacturing. That’s the most interesting part where you show your real talent.

CBDboxlab has the CMYK/PMS printing techniques which will let you go for any of the soft and mild color combinations to get the royal class printing at your hemp boxes wholesale. Wait for a second! No this isn’t the only technique we are also offering digital printing, metalized, and full-color offset to let your packaging look more stylish and vibrant among others.

As packaging experts, we have to make these hemp packaging boxes look more classy to help our clients get customers’ attention and generate more revenue without breaking their trust.

Style Meets Strength: Inside the Hemp Box

Manufacturing custom printed hemp boxes isn’t that hard, but the actual talent is to make it the finest piece in the market. And that’s the actual point where you get a separate recognition among others and that’s the point where brands rise.

Hemp products are a bit more sensitive as compared to the rest of the products in the market. So you need to have strong and reliable packaging to get this done.

Designs that Speak Louder Than Words

Do you really think that old designs or copying someone’s design will let you be a brand in the hemp world? Not at all, forget that. That’s very obvious that all of the customers will already be familiar with the existing brands so it’s not possible to get recognition by copying someone.

Don’t worry our experts are capable enough to provide you with the most engaging and trendy designs for your hemp boxes which will surely be the central concern of your business recognition.

  • Aesthetics Redefined: We love to go out of the box as you can have a look at our box-by-style section and have a look at so many different designs if you want to go with any of them.
  • Beyond Ordinary: Unleash your creativity with us to think beyond the ordinary. It has been years of working with hundreds of different businesses that’s why our experts are very familiar, with how to let your business get the recognition that you are looking for and many other creative ideas to make it the best.

Order Now! 

Still have questions? No worries just ping us now and get complete professional guidance regarding hemp boxes and then order to give meaning to your thoughts.


We offer embossing and debossing on hemp boxes to highlight your logos and particular elements of your brand.

Yes, we provide gold/silver foiling for custom hemp boxes to give them an antique and luxurious look.

In this printing, four colors are used, such as cyan, magenta, yellow and black, to design your custom hemp boxes.

Yes, we provide shipment of custom hemp boxes in other countries except for the United States.

The cardboard, corrugated, and rigid packaging material is sturdy enough to provide complete protection to your custom hemp boxes, and products in them, from external damaging factors and shocks.