The Comprehensive Guide to Create Custom Vape Boxes

Custom Vape Boxes

If you are looking for custom boxes for your products, you are at the right place. Designing any product is very beneficial for your brand. So design your vape products with custom printed vape boxes to make your brand recognition in the market. These custom boxes with elegant styles and designs help you grab customers’ attention. So choose CBDBoxLab and get the perfect custom printed boxes for your vape products.

Why are custom printed vape boxes high in demand?

As you know the world is getting more modern day by day. So young people start using modern products which look classy and elegant in style. For instance, they start using vape products in place of cigarettes. These vape products are exclusive; that’s why their demand increases in the market. 

Packaging of any product helps people to differentiate your product from others. So, high-class societies use these vape products with custom box packaging to show how sophisticated they are. That’s’ why the demand for vape boxes increases in the market.

Many marketers have started using these custom printed boxes for the packaging of their products. The reason behind it is that these custom boxes help to attract the target audience towards their products and even boost their products’ sales in the market.

Here are some tips for designing vape box elegantly

As you know, the brand’s owner is responsible for making the business thrive, successful, or flop. So, as an owner, if you make the right decision for your brand, you will succeed. What are the right decisions? I tell you about the right decisions, such as making your product better from the inside and outside.

As I mentioned above, make your product better from the outside, and custom vape boxes help you make your vape product superior to your competitors. Here are some tips for the designing of custom printed vape boxes:

Focus on your competitor and create different things from them

Check your competitors then you will be able to make your custom box better than your competitor. For vape, box packaging uses smoking colors and makes your box colorful. If your product is delicate, insert other fillings to provide safety to your vape product.

If you make your product’s packaging better than your competitor’s, your brand will get recognition in the market. So always try to beat your competitors. Notice their drawbacks and try to make your vape product packaging better than them.

Which material is best for the custom boxes?

We offer material for your custom boxes: cardboard, kraft, rigid and corrugated. Kraft is an eco-friendly material that gives a stylish look to your product packaging. Cardboard is also used for the packaging of vape products. 

But, if you want the luxurious type of packaging for your products, then choose corrugated and rigid material for your custom vape box. These custom boxes are very sturdy and provide excellent protection to your vape product from any damage like breakage, temperature, or moisture.

Style design and printing of custom box

We offer many styles for your custom vape box; you can select any of them. Tuck end, open lid box, sleeve, and die-cut window styles are commonly used. Style and design your boxes with graceful openings, different color combinations to make them attention-grabbing. 

We also offer the best printing services for your custom vapes boxes, such as offset, screen, and digital printing. We use CMYK colors in offset printing. You can add possibly two colors for kraft, but for corrugated or cardboard, you can add more than four colors.

At last, coatings are also done to make your vape box lush. We offer gold, matt lamination, and also spot UV. These alluring coatings give a shiny and smooth surface to custom printed vape boxes.

Custom vape boxes can speak about your brand

Style or design your custom boxes so they can speak with your customers. I know boxes cannot talk, but designing them can create a conversational bond between your brand and customer. Tell them about your brand’s history and exciting points about your products which your competitors have not done. 

Try to make your custom vape boxes better and better with additional features to grab customers” attention and boost your sales in the market.


When you provide the best services to your customers, they will select your brand as their first choice. Customer feels good when they receive their product without any damage. So durability and protection of products are two critical factors.

These two factors help in making your brand well-known in the market. Next, start using custom vape boxes to make your product better than competitors. Finally, choose our company CBDBoxLab for your vape products’ packaging and boosts your sales in the market by making the right decision.

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