How To Create Vape Boxes with Latest Packaging Trends

Create Vape Boxes

Get customizable Vape Boxes from CBDBoxLab to pack your vape products. We use high-quality material for the packaging of your products because we never compromise on quality. Moreover, we provide customization options such as size, styles, printing, color schemes, coatings, and foiling’s to make your products attractive to customers. So, choose the custom vape boxes wholesale for your products and give recognition to your brand in the market.

Benefits of vape packaging

The custom boxes are specially designed for your brands’ products to attract customers. Here are some benefits your brand will get after using these vape boxes, which are as follows:

  • The quality material is used to make this vape packaging, which provides a reputation for your brand.
  • These vape containers have your brands’ logo; due to this, your brand will get quick recognition in the market. 
  • These custom printed vape boxes beat your competitors and make your vape products prominent from others. 
  • The custom features of these Vape Boxes help you attract a vast audience to your vape products; in this way, your products’ sales will increase. 
  • Moreover, customers like to see colorful and attractive packaging for products so, use custom boxes for packaging, not a simple or boring generic box.

Designing of vape boxes

Custom vape boxes with unique or attractive designs grab customers’ attention to your vape products. The different customization options make your Vape Packaging alluring. We at CBDBoxLab, offer these customization options for your custom vape boxes wholesale:


We use quality material for Vape Boxes because we never compromise on quality. The sturdy or durable material of vape packaging provides complete protection to your vape products. Durability is the essential feature of any product. So, always check durability before buying anything. 

In addition, we offer different options in materials such as kraft, E-flute corrugated, cardboard, and rigid. For custom vape boxes, kraft and cardboard are the most usable materials. Furthermore, these materials are biodegradable and cheap; for this reason, many manufacturers prefer using them for packaging.

But, if you want luxurious packaging for your vape products, choose rigid and corrugated materials. The stiff and corrugated materials have many design options. In addition, design can be printed inside or outside of the box in these materials to give the vape box a commendable look. So, select the stuff according to your needs and products’ demand.


We offer different opening styles for vape packaging to give your products’ incredible or appealing look. The style options such as tuck end, sleeve, and cut-out window for your Vape boxes give them an eye-catching look. The details of these styles are:

Tuck end

This style is one of the common styles. It is easy to carry at any place because it is small. Moreover, it gives your vape products an attractive look to grab customers’ attention. This tuck end style can be reversed or straight.

Sleeve style

It is one of the elegant styles which gives your vape products a modern look. Customers are fascinated by seeing this type of custom printed vape boxes and buy your vape product immediately. Moreover, the stylish sleeve custom vape boxes are easy to handle. So, try this sleeve style for your custom printed vape box and attract your target audience.

Cut-out windows

You can also use the window feature for packaging your vape products. Custom vape boxes with window parts give your vape products an eye-catching look. The customers can easily see your products through this window feature. We offer more styles such as gable, display but these are the most common styles used for the Vape Boxes to give them a commendable look. So, choose any elegant style and show your custom printed vape boxes a glamorous look.


We offer different coatings for your vape products’ packaging. The alluring coatings include spot UV, glow lamination, and matte lamination. These coatings give a smooth or shiny surface to your Vape Boxes. So, choose this feature and make your custom vape boxes eye-captivating.

Why should you choose us?

We provide high-quality Vape Boxes for your vape products’ packaging. Moreover, we offer free custom designs and no die or plate charges. In addition, we use quality material for these custom vape products to make them appealing in the market. So, book your order of custom vape boxes wholesale from CBDBoxLab and make your brand recognition in the market.

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